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Mind Body Spirit Fitness LLC is a small business driven to unite residents of the Washington Metropolitan. With our servant leadership, our mission is to bring awareness of healthy living in our communities through group exercise and forming social networks. We provide a variation of exciting fitness workouts from bootcamp style, HIIT, cardio, strength and more. The members apart of M.B.S often refer to us as a family because of our “no one gets left behind” mentality and social events. 

Don't wait, Don’t hesitate and Don’t make an excuse! Come out and experience a M.B.S Fitness workout for yourself. Take a leap of faith to see what it's like to be apart of a social network that grinds hard for fitness results and enjoys social events.


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“I love MBS for not only exercising, but we’re a legit family that looks out for each other’s well being. We support one another in our endeavors and business ventures.”

- Tiara S.

“MBS fitness has motivated me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and recognize the true value of a healthy lifestyle. I love working out with like-minded individuals who help keep each other accountable in order to achieve our goals.”

- Jared T.

“MBS was more than just a weekly meet up. MBS cultivated a community, built a family of like-minded people to share and support one another with a common goal. I made substantial fitness goals and I thank Aaron for the hard work, discipline, and devotion I saw that he put into MBS. Anyone that’s seeking to put in hard work, experience new fitness avenues, reach goals, and contribute to a family oriented fitness group should definitely join MBS.”

- Brittany M.



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